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Best 1:1 iPhone 6 Clone Ever! iPhone 6 Clone Replica Copy Review!

Sources: 本站   Click:   Date: 2015-3-5

As we know when every time Apple releases a new iPhone, every time again Chinese releases a clone of iPhone. This time we have released iPhone 6 clone called HDC i6. So many people were very curious how good is this clone because the price is several times lower than for iPhone. Let’s see how is good.

Lately from our company’s you get the same accessories and because of that I will not waste your and my time on this. Besides the phone you also get charger, USB cable, screen protector and short user manual. But the fact is all the accessories are 1:1 copy of the original one!!

Talking about design HDC i6 is slightly different than iPhone 6, so for the example iPhone 6 is 138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm and HDC I6 is 137.5 x 67 x 7mm, also iPhone 6 weights 129g and HDC I6 is 130g. The clone has Original Apple logos. Also, all other I think is completely the same or 99% the same. HDC I6 has also the metal body made of aluminium. Overall I am pleasantly surprised because the build quality is superb as well as the final finish.

HDC I6 has 4.7 inch screen with HD resolution, it is also IPS multitouch screen. In my opinion they did a great job also for the screen because it is really lovely. It is enough sharp, the brightness is also strong, viewing angles are pretty good. The only drawback in my opinion is lack of protection because it has no protection for the screen.Thisclone is more or less the same as most devices from mid range class. It has 1GB of RAM, quad core CPU at speed 1.3 GHz and Mali-400 GPU. From this you can see this is very usual combination for most Chinese phones in this price range. It is overall good hardware combination for every purpose from gaming to everyday use. Most applications opens fast and work as they should work. All games which I have tried worked as they should work like GTA San Andreas, subway surf and other. Also I have made several benchmark tests and scorers are expected, nothing special. For storage it has 16 GB of memory where is 12GB available for the user, also it has no slot for microSD card same as on iPhone 6.

It comes with Android 4.2.2 which has iPhone theme (iOS 8). In other words user interface is completely changed and it looks like iPhones UI. So icons, widgets, wallpapers is and other stuff is 99% the same. The system is completely fluid and superfast.

According to the Chinese company it has 8 megapixel main camera. I will not talk too much about the camera because I will let you to be judge about photo quality. So below you can see several photos taken by HDC I6.

It has built in battery with capacity of 2100mAh according to some sites and according to the other sites including this one it has 1600mAh battery. For me this is nothing unusual because sometimes Chinese does not say the real capacity battery. But after several cycles I’m convinced that it case lower capacity and with average use it can last maximum two-three days.

As some conclusion I can say that this iPhone 6 clone is overall okay for this price range. It has very good build quality, really cool design, also really good screen. Under the metal body it has decent hardware. So if you are interested to buy it you can buy here (there are iPhone 6 clone and iPhone 6 Plus Clones) .

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